Refresh. Refuel. Revitalize.

We take tried and true artificial tears and add the perfect energy punch

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Why Revitalize?

The eye moisturizing effect you want with the added energy you need.

INSTANT Energy On Contact

Need a boost to get through your afternoon? Revitalize provides energy instantly on contact to keep you moving and improving. With just 1-2 drops in each eye you'll feel refreshed and ready to go. 

Revitalize is a quick and convenient way to fight tired eyes and get an energy boost

See What People Think

"These things are AMAZING. After using their test formulation, I got an instant cooling and soothing sensation. My tired eyes were basically gone. Definitely gonna be part of my daily routine in the future."

"I have always been a coffee guy and I definitely still am. But these are perfect for late in the day when you need to finish something. Personally, I work in finance and Revitalize has replaced my 2, 5, and 7:00 PM cups of coffee. Stings a little on the way in but right after that cooling effect and instant energy are so worth it. Can’t wait to get a bottle with the new and improved formulation."

"These are a must have. I had a bottle in my purse and used them before every one of my meetings. Now with COVID, these are a complete necessity!"

 Revitalize has become quite the conversation piece in our office. Everyone was asking me to use mine and we love them!


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One Month of Energy in Every Bottle

With average usage, each Bottle of Revitalize has ONE MONTH of instant energy in a package that fits right in your pocket.